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This 6-month long 1:1 container offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to support your growth and development over an extended period. It emphasizes consistency, curiosity, and compassion as essential elements for achieving sustainable transformation and healing your core wounds 

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Where soma                                         meets self

This container is for you if you'd like to...

  • Foster a connection to your intuition

  • Learn how to integrate somatic healing into your life¬†

  • Align¬†with nature, and your own inner cycles

  • Freely live in your self expression while setting & maintaining loving boundaries

  • ¬†Live authentically and with integrity¬†

  • Cultivate safety within the body

  • Increase your emotional intelligence and responsibility

  • Heal deep-seated emotional wounds

  • Find sustainable healing at a slower pace¬†

Long Term 1:1 Mentorship

6 months (24 virtual sessions) Somatic Coaching Services

Investment: $5500 (paid up front)

Payment plan: $999/monthly

What's included:

  • Weekly 50 minute sessions¬†

  • Unlimited email support during business hours

  • Weekly take home¬†journaling exercises, or¬†individualized meditations to support sessions

  • 4 Coaching calls per month

  • Feedback forms to aid in personalizing sessions


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Short-Term Offering


This offering provides an accessible way for individuals to dip their toes into somatic healing, explore their body's responses to stress, and initiate their healing journey in a more affordable and focused way.

$175 per session.

Discounted prices for those who pay in full.

This is where the journey starts. 

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