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Somatic Coaching with Sara

Learn to live in alignment by awakening all of your inner resources for sustainable transformation.

Navigate your nervous system.

Learn how your nervous system responds to each unique stressor and deconstruct your deep-rooted habits, patterns, and learn to heal from your lived experiences. 

Sara uses meditation, breath work, movement, and other somatic practices to help guide you regulate the nervous system. With intentional sequencing and consistency, you can learn to listen to the language of your body.

Where soma

meets self

So... What is somatic healing? 

Soma translates to "living body". It is a bottom-up approach to healing, meaning that feelings and sensations begin in the body. 

Somatic healing is a body-centered approach to healing. It aims to use the mind-body connection to create a balance of emotional wellbeing. The mind and body are intimately connected. Thought, emotions, and bodily sensations are all interconnected and effect each individual differently.

Together, we can explore your body's unique responses to stress. You can learn to disengage from an anxious mind & learn to find safety and peace in the body. 

Let's Work Together.

Sara use a bottom up approach to her practice, with a focus on somatic embodiment practices and energetic mastery. Sara's trainings have led her to adeptly navigate each individual's response to stress and triggers. She will help you learn to master your energy, independently for sustainable transformation. Each session is individually tailored to what you are needing, where you are right now, and where you want to go. 

Although Sara won't be able to give you all the answers, she will hold gentle space and be your guide as you learn to find the answers within the wisdom of your own body. 


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 This intimate space is individually tailored to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

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"Every week when we met, Sara brought such a loving, non-judgement energy to our session. She always met me where I was and taught me practical tools to support me in my healing journey."


"Sara is skilled at creating a container that feels safe, allowing me permission to feel whatever energy was ready to come up & move through. Powerful healing is possible as she holds space and guides the session with her own well regulated nervous system. I truly am grateful for the opportunity to have Sara’s support as I navigate my way on my healing journey."


"Being one of Sara's clients is such a unique experience. Not only does she genuinely listen and care - she always gives me new tools and ways of looking at situations."


"I'm so profoundly grateful to have been guided by Sara, she witnessed me in such a safe and loving container."


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